You’ve been confirmed for a Locums assignment, so now what?

HandshakeCongratulations on getting booked for your first assignment through CompHealth, our goal is to make sure you have a very positive experience as well as set the right expectations and proactively answer any questions that you may have. With all that goes on in this business, it would be easy for me to overlook a thing or two, so I like to send out this email to try to cover anything that I might miss in our conversations thus far.

Credentialing (& Licensing):

Once you are confirmed, we will begin a process of internal credentialing (through Comphealth) as well as with the hospital you will be working at. Once you are credentialed through CompHealth, it lasts for 2 years and can be renewed relatively easily. At CompHealth we have what is called a MSS coordinator that handles internal credentialing, and a HP coordinator that will handle your hospital privileges. Credentialing usually involves a back ground check, employer and educational verifications, checking with references, checking NPDB reports, etc. If you need a license for an assignment, we will also have a licensing coordinator that will help you with your application.


Our assignment coordinator will get your travel preferences and submit a travel request to book your flights, hotel/housing and car rental. If you have any travel rewards numbers, please provide these so that we can assign the points to your account. Some of our providers like to travel with a spouse or family member, we can arrange travel and payroll deduct for an extra ticket, just let us know your plans ahead of time.

Holiday Pay

CompHealth pays time and a half on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day.

CompHealth typically pays for (unless otherwise arranged):

Malpractice Coverage (1:3, claims made), housing or hotel, flights or mileage (.57 per mile), car rental (midsize or SUV in bad weather) and airport parking for your car while on assignment. When renting a car, CompHealth does not typically pay for a GPS system or gas local to the assignment (please remember to fill up your tank before dropping your car off, the rental agency will usually charge about $9 per gallon).

Assignment Details Packet

This is sent to you right before your assignment begins, it will typically have your first day information (such as orientation and who to meet), your work schedule, travel itinerary (hotel reservation, flight information, car rental), emergency phone numbers and directions to get to the facility. This will also have your time sheets and payout schedule.

Pay Period & Time Sheets

CompHealth pays every two weeks, your time sheet and the pay schedule will be included in your assignment details packet. Please remember to get your time sheet signed when you complete your assignment and then send it in. Every other Monday is the cut off time for submitting your time sheet, and your pay is sent the following Tuesday. Inside your assignment details packet, you will have a sheet that has the payroll schedule.

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