Seal The Deal On A Phone Interview

phone-interviewFrom time to time there are clients or decision makers that like to get on the phone with a potential candidate before booking them for a locums assignment. A phone interview is a really good sign that you are in the running for the job or even that a decision has already been made. Some clients just like to have a quick chat with a surgeon before confirming.

As a consultant, my job is to help you seal the deal and get that confirmation. I spend a lot of time talking with providers and matching them up with clients through a presentation. I get to hear how a provider presents themselves over the phone, and I spend a lot of time learning about the clients that I work with.  Below are some tips on how that match is made over the phone.

1 –Get to know the facility that you are being presented to. Your representative should have some inside knowledge about what the client is looking for and what is important to them. Often times there is a ‘cultural’ fit that may be important and your representative can often pick up on some of this information. It is also helpful to visit the website of the facility you are going to be interviewing with, take a look and see if there is a ‘mission statement’ or learn a little bit about the surrounding areas.

2 – Prepare some questions to ask. If you have some specific questions about how things are done at this facility, the phone interview is a great way to build rapport and create an engaging conversation. A physician who asks some questions is more likely to get the job because they show a genuine interest in the facility. Save all questions about compensation for your representative.

3- Be friendly, confident and concise. Often times providers work in a stressful or busy environment where being more ‘direct’ is common. The person doing the interview may not be a provider or physician, in either case it pays off to have a friendly demeanor. Make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and for the opportunity. Keep the conversation direct and avoid long drawn out questions, stories and answers. First impressions can go a long way, and with locums assignments, this can pave the way for a long lasting relationship.

4- Be open for some candid feedback. Your representative might have some good feedback to help you to really succeed. Remember that your rep is there to help you with this and might have some insights that you are not aware of. Make sure to talk with your rep after your phone interview and give your thoughts on how it went.

Follow some of these tips and you will be ready for success!


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