Recommendations & Endorsements


dizon2 The practice of medicine & surgery is becoming more challenging with each passing year. In addition, private practice physicians are encountering complex competitive hurdles among their hospital-employed colleagues. As a physician involved in private practices of trauma surgery, general surgery and surgical critcal with trauma administrative duties, balance of time & energy is the cornerstone to my professional success and the enjoyment of a happy, healthy family. This life balance is always difficult and often frustrating. I was introduced to the concept of locums trauma surgery through a friend and colleague. Upon my initial discussions, I found many of the locums features quite attractive. Those most important to me include maximizing my income as a fellowship trained specialist, collaborating with other trauma centers in an effort to improve my own regionally , and greatly improving quality time with my growing family. If you are considering locums work, you will need patience through the initial process and an organization that can analyze your needs above theirs and help manage/navigate the issues forthcoming. I am fortunate to have Simon Parsons as my team leader with CompHealth. Initially, we engaged in conversation regarding my personal and professional background, my ideal work parameters and my basic life philosophy. He was truly interested in getting to know me as an individual first before he could understand his role in positively impacting my career/life. Simon’s team worked diligently to provide a list of potential opportunities. With patience and a fair amount of paperwork, the right one emerged. Throughout the process (and even today), Simon keeps in contact with me to ensure that all is going well, discuss areas of improvement and inform me of opportunities on the horizon. I am confident that he views my success as a reflection of his own. The practice of medicine & surgery has allowed me to continue my specialty practice at home, collaboratively enhance both local and national trauma programs, and augment my annual income. Simon Parsons with CompHealth has made this all possible and I undoubtedly recommend their locum service without hesitation. Respectfully, Victor V. Dizon, DO FACS/FACOS



Thank you, Simon! This opportunity would not have be on the table had it not been for you. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding with my schedule. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to my career. I’m truly grateful to have worked with you. Please continue to keep me informed of any spectacular opportunities you might have out there.

In gratitude,
John Moos, MD
Physician | Surgeon | Humanitarian



Paul_Ting_Photo“I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have worked with Simon for the past 3 years. He was instrumental in introducing me to locum tenems work and has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically with me from the beginning. Even though things were slow in the early stages, he continued to encourage me every step of the way. His positive outlook, perseverance and continued hard work demonstrate his strong character. I have recommended him with highest regards to my colleagues who have expressed an interest in locums. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with.”

Dr. Paul Ting, MD – General Surgeon


bowersoxI really appreciate the great, professional job that you and your associates are doing in reaching out to your clients on my behalf, and in converting potential assignments into actual confirmations.  The administrative side of CompHealth – payroll and travel arrangements – is also great.  Very responsive,thorough, and always on time.

I am learning that with some other staffing companies there seem to be a lot of potential opportunities that stay potential, and just don’t come to fruition.  It takes a lot of time to respond to representatives, discuss assignments, get paperwork done, etc., and when nothing comes of them, that time adds up to real lost opportunity costs.
Dr. Jon Bowersox, MD – Trauma, General and Vascular Surgeon

Kunzelman-Photo“Mr. Parsons successfully brokers work opportunities for me. His role requires patience, organization, clear communication, and logical thinking. He does a great job at all of this and makes his company and his entire industry look really good. You’re a pleasure to work with, Simon.”
Dr. Joseph Kunzelman, General Surgeon at Crawford Memorial Hospital, Illinois

 Elliot_Maness“I would like to thank you and CompHealth for believing in me and helping me obtain a temporary position that may lead to a permanent postion. I have had a very difficult several months.  My employer in Texas decided in September to close the practice I helped start a year earlier.  He wanted it to be closed by December.  I received your email on a Friday for an opportunity in Payson, Arizona.  We spoke on Monday morning.  Later that night, I received a phone call from the CEO of the facility and by Tuesday I was given a contract.  I have been here since February 5th.  In that time, I have had a “caught you caring” letter sent to administration on my behalf.  Also, the CEO came to my office to discuss adding another Locum to the facility.  While in the waiting room, a patient praised my skills and compassion to him.  I will be in the local  newspaper this week after giving a lecture to the seniors in the community.  I have been asked my multiple patients, fellow physicians and staff members to make Payson my permanent “home.”
In addition to entering contract negotiations with Payson Regional Medical Center for a permanent position, a former competitor of mine contacted me from Phoenix. We are discussing a permanent opportunity within his practice as well.
Again, thank you and your team help me get back to work and Arizona.
Sincerely, Elliot Maness D.O. FASAS

clark-stacey“Simon is a relentlessly creative and energetic executive who raises the game of everyone around him. He seems to absorb new technologies effortlessly, and can create and execute new opportunities with them while everyone else is still guessing as to their significance. He has an eye for quality that can’t be taught; and I’ve observed that people working with him are not only inspired to reach the bar he sets, they truly flourish under his leadership.

Beyond Simon’s extraordinary capabilities and accomplishments, however, is a fundamental integrity that every businessperson should aspire to. He has certainly been an inspiration to me.” Clark Stacey – CEO Wild Works/Animal Jam

brandon-knowlden“Simon is a rare breed. He has a mind for business and an Entrepreneurial spirit that keeps him engaged and on task. He has the type of focus that would make him valuable in just about any industry, at any level, because he can see the whole picture. But he has the patience and humility to take care of the details. Simon is a good friend, mentor and I am significantly better as a person and as a professional because of my interactions with him.” Brandon Knowlden – Founder & Lead Designer – Well Made

Ira-Zhuravel-Linked-In“Simon is a talented entrepreneur and a successful small business owner. He has provided me with business and career coaching over the years and has been an inspiration and a mentor both personally and in business. He is also a talented graphic designer and a brilliant communicator. He continuously seeks new opportunities and thrives on innovation. I am proud to call him my friend.” Iryna Zhuravel – Senior Accountant – NorthCoast Electric

“Simon is an extremely talented and driven individual that inspires those around him by pushing himself to no limits. He is committed to continuous improvement and is a real powerhouse. His unique perspective and creativity bring innovative solutions to create win win results. I am proud to say he is on my team and highly recommend him.” Alissa Terry – Senior Client Developer – CompHealth

“It is my honor to write a few paragraphs of endorsement for Simon Parsons. I have been one of Simon’s leaders at CompHealth Locum Tenens since December of 2013. It has been my privilege to work with him for the last two years. I find Simon to have an ideal attitude, a high work ethic and an open mind to coaching and feedback. After two years of working with him I can say with full confidence that he is the ultimate team player. Simon partners with his providers, the hospitals they work at, his fellow team members, our licensing and hospital privileging team, payroll and travel. Each person that Simon works with has nothing but the utmost respect for him. I receive compliments on his behalf daily.

Simon is an industry professional. I would consider him an expert at understanding the needs of those he works with. Once he understands those needs he is able to match his customers with their ideal situation. He excels at representing his providers. I frequently hear stories of how Simon went the extra mile to understand the story behind the CV/Resume. Simon shares that story in a way that sets his doctors apart from others leading to meaningful work experiences for those doctors.

Simon’s approach to life is inspiring and contagious. He has been a positive cultural contributor to our team. He sets the tone for others by seeing the good in life and working hard to obtain that good. Simon has inspired me personally. His excitement for his job has made a difference in my life. When I see his passion it ignites a similar passion within me. I am grateful to work with him but more importantly call him a friend.” Mark Robbins  – Operations Manager – General Surgery & Orthopedic Surgery/CompHealth Locum Tenens

Shout outs from our End of Assignment surveys/QA Evaluations:

From the day I first had the chance to work with him, Simon Parsons has continually followed up and acted as my champion and advocate. I feel fortunate to be working with him.

Simon Parsons has been very professional. He understood all my needs and concerns. He is the best!

Tim Hunsaker and Simon Parsons are your A Team. Those two gentlemen have a deft touch in executing the right balance between the physician and the hospitals. Their insights are priceless and they are genuinely interested and exceptionally thorough in the way we are matched with prospective employers. Thank you all for a job well done!

Simon Parsons helped me get an upgrade on an apartment for a long assignment so my wife would be happy.

Simon Parsons is always fantastic to work with. that is why I have referred multiple people to him.

Simon Parsons and Alissa Terry have both been incredible about helping me with assignments, trouble shooting problems, and making themselves available. Simon specifically has been incredible to me and is the main reason for my loyalty to Comphealth.

Simon has been and continues to be the reason I do locums.

Simon Parsons has always been open, helpful and friendly. Would like to continue my relationship with him, though the assignment seems to be winding down. Very responsible and seems to see beyond the calendar when putting together assignments.

Simon is always prompt and responsive for any question or concern, big or small. If he does not have an answer right away, he’ll figure out a way to find it. He is a great mediator between hospital and physician. Most importantly, Simon has a unique professional ability to match surgeons with the right hospital assignments that sets him apart. I have enjoyed working with CompHealth through him and am very appreciative of his time and talent.

Simon remembers personal interests of mine and treats me like a colleague while making sure everything is arranged just right for each assignment.

Always prompt in calling me back & follow up on all presentations to hospitals. I get the sense that Simon Parsons tries to find assignments for me rather than look for a body to fill is available assignments. He takes ownership and makes sure everything runs smoothly and effectively resolves any issues. Simon Parsons is the primary reason behind my rating. 

I wanted to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to Simon and Jen on locking down another provider (Dr. Hydi Laidlaw-Smith) with Mercyhealth today!  The attention to detail and effort Simon puts into his reverse marketing has once again booked us a new provider with a great client.  Simon went into detail about Dr. Hydi’s background (former Army) and because of this, it turned out to be a great match for Mercyhealth’s Janesville location as  2 of their 3 surgeons in Janesville are Army surgeons. We didn’t have a job open with Mercyhealth, but Simon’s details were enough to give Kelli (client contact) reason to open some days for this great match.