Locum Tenens: A New Chapter In Life

Dr. Jarvis and his wife while on assignment visiting the Grand Canyon.

Dr. Jarvis and his wife while on assignment visiting the Grand Canyon.

Recently, one of my favorite surgeons, Dr. Michael Jarvis, was featured in our internal newsletter. I have him staffed in one of our facilities in the Southwest and it has been a life changing experience for him, we are so fortunate to have him working with us. Here is a copy of the article:

After 30 years running a successful private practice in Michigan, Dr. Michael Jarvis was searching for a new opportunity. At the age of 60, his practice began to dwindle and he was having a difficult time paying his staff. Simon Parsons, a physician recruiter on the general surgery team, reached out to him at the perfect moment.

An assignment at the Indian Medical Center, a 99-bed hospital in Gallup, N.M., piqued the surgeon’s interest. The curiosity of working with the Navajo people and the opportunity to advance his career were precisely what he needed. Dr. Jarvis was nervous but eager to step out of his comfort zone and try something new.

“This was my first locum tenens job, and I was a little intimidated after being in a comfortable setting for all those years,” Dr. Jarvis recalls.

As he nears his five-month mark of working with CompHealth, Dr. Jarvis is happy with his new career path.

”The location has given my wife and me the opportunity to see some sights we would have never known existed,” he explains.

“I feel like I am helping patients again. And the doctors there are great and have made me feel like part of the family,” Dr. Jarvis continues.

The sentiment is mutual.

“The client and the staff love him,” Simon offers. “In fact, he has been asked to extend his assignment for a month and a half.”

Working locum tenens has provided Dr. Jarvis with a momentous lift in his life and a renewed perspective of his post-practice opportunities.

“If I didn’t have commitments at home I would stay right here,” Dr. Jarvis says. “I hope to return in the future.”


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