CHG Presidents Club 2015


Today I officially qualified for first year Presidents Club at CHG. It was a year long goal fueled by knowing how difficult it is to build a book of business from scratch and reminding myself that you only have one shot at doing it in your first year. I became obsessed with this and it made me cranky at times, but I started to really gain momentum when I loosened up and just had fun. I worked long hours, read books, visualized, meditated, studied, trained, observed others, everything I could do. I love the journey more than the rewards, or maybe the reward is the memory of the journey. The best thing about succeeding in a goal is it makes it that much easier to succeed in the next. I am so thankful for a team full of supportive colleagues and part of my second year goals is to be there for some of the new team members and new hires. This past year has been about as good as it can get (for a new guy) in a sales organization.

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