CHG Healthcare 2019 Difference Makers Trip to Ecuador


I feel so fortunate to have won the 2019 Difference Makers Award from CHG Healthcare and have the opportunity to be sent on a world class humanitarian trip to the Amazon Forest in Ecuador and hosted by the Me to We foundation. Last year I was nominated by a peer for the CHG Difference Makers award by a previous winner. My wife and I were able to take in a beautiful young boy named Liam who was neglected and abused by his birth parents. This happened back in March 2014 on a moments notice and through the help of many friends and co-workers, we were able to give him a place to stay plus books, toys and clothes. This was initially supposed to be a temporary arrangement but then we realized that we couldn’t let him go back to his previous situation and mounted a legal battle to keep him in our home. This lasted for 5 years and I’m pleased to say that  we finally were able to adopt him this past May, and now I have the capacity to volunteer at The Sharing Place which is a grief support home for kids who have lost a loved one.

Earlier in the year during our  companies “Road Show” I was announced a winner of the award along with 5 other of my peers, 6 nurses and each of us were able to bring a guest.  This August we spent 8 days in the Amazon Forest helping to build a school for local children in the Amazon Forest.  We dug out trenches and mixed concrete with our shovels (no backhoes or cement mixers). It was incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to do this and I am so proud to work for a company that allows us to do such things. Many of my clients might be unaware of what our company does as far as community service, giving back and philanthropy. CHG also sponsors several  other humanitarian trips through the year at a discount for employees to be able to help give back.

Aside from our work on building the school house, we spent time learning about the amazing culture, we made chocolate at a cacao farm, we did a warrior training with a Kitchwa warrior and shot a blow gun and threw spears, we went on day and night hikes into the Amazon forest, we learned about the shortage of clean drinking water and how the Me to We organization is helping to build water treatment plants. It is incredibly humbling to be around the amazing people of the Amazon who are so connected with nature and each other.

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