5 Great Reasons Why General Surgery Residents & Fellows Are Embracing Locums Work

losken-residents-OR-hallIt is springtime and the search is on for 2015 residents and fellows looking to start a new chapter in their careers. Over the last several years we have seen explosive growth in the locum tenens market, driven by surgeons early on in their career. Here are several reasons why we see this happening, and it is truly exciting!

  •  Flexible schedule & work load: Younger surgeons embrace the idea of having more freedom and not being tied to one location. With locum tenens, you take ownership of your skillset through contract work. After so many years of hard work in your residency, use locums to work without being overwhelmed (see this article: Tina Passalaris)
  • Break between fellowship: Got a year in between your residency and your fellowship? Use locum tenens to work and pay off some of your student loans as well as get some experience and keep your skill set sharp.
  • Experience & Networking: Use locum tenens to gain valuable experience in a wider range of situations and build your general surgery network.
  • Supplemental Income & Back Up Plan: many younger surgeons like to keep their options open, with the fast paced changes in health care, it is nice to have a backup plan. By doing locum tenens work you’ll have something to fall back on if your permanent job doesn’t go the way you would like it to. Also, many surgeons like to use locum tenens to supplement their income by working weekends.
  • Find Your First Permanent Job Through Locums: are you ready to sign that 2-3 year contract? If you’re not sure or have heard of someone who has had a bad experience on their first permanent placement, work with CompHealth to help you find a ‘locums to perm’ option. Get paid to try before you buy, if it is a good fit then negotiate a contract, if not you can work while lining something else up.


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